Business Use

Privacy is Key

We only send messages to the responders you have nominated when things go wrong. We only receive your location when an alarm is generated. We do not track you or share your data with others.

Who Uses LoneAlarm

  • Businesses concerned for their workers’ safety
  • Field workers (utilities, transport)
  • Mobile professionals (real-estate, mobile banking, financial planning, auditors, home health care)
  • Business travelers
  • People working in high risk situations or unfamiliar environments
  • Telecommuters

Why Businesses Use LoneAlarm

  • Enhances employee security and well-being
  • Helps mitigate Duty-of-Care risk
  • Reinforces workplace safety culture
  • Minimal deployment and training costs
  • Improved management oversight and control
  • Global coverage
  • Unique technology for continuous fall detection
  • Cost effective
  • ‘Info Button’ allows geolocated, per-site, per-user, information to be delivered through the App
    • No need for paper records
    • Staff have up-to-date site specific information when and where they need it
  • Deployment options:
    • Hosted
    • Co-Branding
    • White Label
    • OEM
  • LoneAlarm service packages:
    • trial deployments
    • pilots
    • roll-out
    • training
    • paramedical triage service
    • on-going operation

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