Enterprise Use


User location is only checked when an alert is generated. Messages are only sent to responders pre-nominated by  users if an alert is triggered automatically, or deliberately by the user.


LoneAlarm does not track users nor share their data with others.

Improve Staff Safety for 1 Coffee/Employee/Week

  • People working in service, logistics, sales or auditing roles
  • Field workers (utilities, transport, home health care, etc.)
  • Mobile professionals and business travelers (real estate, mobile banking, etc.)
  • Staff working in high-risk situations or unfamiliar environments

Use LoneAlarm to Reduce “Duty-of-Care” Risk

  • Cost-effective method of enhancing employee security and well-being
  • Reinforces workplace safety culture
  • Improves management oversight and control
  • Minimal deployment and training costs
  • Unique technology for fall detection and emergency response coordination
  • Flexible deployment option — hosted, white-labeled, etc.
  • Various service packages to suit trials, pilots, institutional roll-out, etc.
  • Global coverage
  • Option for “near-real-time”, site-specific OH&S information to be provided to users through the App
  • Option for interface to enterprise OH&S management systems

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