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June 19, 2014 “Lone Worker Alarm is a smartphone App utilising the capabilities of today’s mobile phones to automatically detect an emergency and broadcast an alarm. There are three Detection Modes, a panic button, an auto-activated “Man Down” alarm and an interval timer (“Dead Man Switch”). As the smartphone owner, […]

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“LoneAlarm provides Mobile Safety for People in Harm’s Way * Mobile Device ‘App’ – An alarm service that offers organizations the comfort of knowing that phones or tablets carried by staff can detect certain emergencies and broadcast appropriate distress alerts to colleagues or safety/security monitors. * 3 Detection Modes – […]

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“From LoneAlarm Pty Ltd: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.LoneAlarm automatically calls for emergency assistance when you can’t.LoneAlarm provides Mobile Safety for People in Harms Way* Mobile Device App – An alarm service that offers organizations the comfort of knowing that phones or […]

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“LoneAlarm provides users with an enhanced sense of personal safety by improving critical aspects of emergency response – time-to-emergency-discovery and time-to-first-response. Both are correlated with the quality of accident victims’ health outcomes. Comprising a smartphone “app”, coupled with a cloud-enabled database, LoneAlarm’s service automatically detects when users fall or engage […]

Offered as a Duress and Panic alarm by BetterDriver

“I am a user of the ap and feel much safer knowing that if I have a fall as a result of my rheumatoid arthritis, my daughter will learn about it immediately. I also love the panic button on this ap, especially when I’m in a train carriage at […]

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Friday, February 24, 2017 “Dragon Claw is working with LoneAlarm to provide the LoneAlarm personal safety system to its members. The LoneAlarm system provides automatic fall detection, panic button and dead-man timer on an Android 5 phone or iPhone 5 or better and alerts your nominated responders by SMS and […]

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August 2014 “Lone Worker Alarm is a smartphone app that uses the phone’s accelerometer, GPS (global positioning system) and wireless internet to provide a sophisticated emergency alarm system. The accelerometer, combined with special algorithms, can detect a fall or collision and can differentiate between the phone simply being dropped, and the […]

Facilities Management Magazine article on LoneAlarm

Jan 31, 2015 “When you are alone and in a dangerous situation, making a phone call may not be an available option. With this app, you’ll be able to send emergency distress signals to friends and family. The app features three modes of alert; automatic fall detection, panic button, and […]


12th July 2016 “The people behind this mobile phone safety app for seniors especially, come well recommended. If you are ageing and beginning to think about emergency calls etc this may be of interest to you. Do have a look anyway, to see how such technologies are coming along. Click […]

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