SYDNEY, MAY 13 2014

Following strong customer interest at CeBIT Australia earlier this month, LoneAlarm confirms a 1 July, 2014, launch date for LA, its mobile safety app, on the iOS platform, with a release for the Android platform targeted for 1 September, 2014. Running on users’ existing smartphones and associated telecom networks, using the inherent capabilities for location tracking, ver. 1.0 provides individuals and SMEs with a configurable panic button, ‘man-down’ and ‘dead-man switch’ safety functions, and auto-alarm escalation. Aside from the peace-of-mind ver.1.0 offers users, their loved ones and their supervisors, SMEs benefit from a simple, low-cost method of managing their ‘Duty of Care’ risk.

“An Enterprise version of LA, allowing centralised call centre routing, supervisor notification, group administration capabilities and deployment on a corporate intranet is on the cards for Q4.”, commented Dr. Peter Beadle, who has nurtured this project through WorXpace Pty Ltd., his Product Development/Engineering consulting business.

Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese versions will be available early in 2015.

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