Personal Use


User location is only checked when an alert is generated. Messages are only sent to responders pre-nominated by  users if an alert is triggered automatically, or deliberately by the user.


LoneAlarm does not track users nor share their data with others.

Spending 1 Coffee/Week/User Protects Family and Community

  • Family members’ personal safety (parents, teenagers, etc.)
  • Those who live, work, study or play by themselves (chronic disease sufferers, students, cyclists, etc.)
  • People alone regularly in high-risk situations or unfamiliar environments
  • Supports demographic and health trends towards “Aging-in-Place”

Accelerate Emergency Response If An Incident Occurs

  • Unique technology for automated fall detection and emergency response coordination using a standard Apple or Android mobile device
  • Reduces the time to discover an incident, leading to better health outcomes for victims
  • Responders’ alert incorporates a map link to accelerate recovery
  • Users choose their own responder peer group (friends, family, work colleagues, etc.) to be alerted in an emergency
  • Low data service costs — only uses data when incident detected
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional safety pendants for enhancing loved ones’ sense of well-being
  • Option for “Low Battery” warning to responders, reminding them to contact users
  • Option for shower-proof “Wearable” wrist-band, incorporating heart rate and temperature monitor (to ensure it is being worn), and¬†wireless “leash break” alert (for wanderers)

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