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“LoneAlarm provides Mobile Safety for People in Harm’s Way

* Mobile Device ‘App’ – An alarm service that offers organizations the comfort of knowing that phones or tablets carried by staff can detect certain emergencies and broadcast appropriate distress alerts to colleagues or safety/security monitors.

* 3 Detection Modes – There is an automated fall detection alarm, a panic button (with ‘Silent’ mode) and an interval timer (‘Dead Man Switch’), each of which broadcasts specific alert information.

* Network Coverage – LoneAlarm works wherever users’ smartphones get data signals – and can be configured to alert emergency contacts when users have been out of network range continuously for a pre-set time period.

* Location Alert – When emergency contacts get alarms from colleagues, they also receive physical location data and can open maps on their smartphones to pinpoint distressed users’ positions .

* Minimal User Training – LoneAlarm is intuitive and menu-driven, with help screens and web-based tutorials for those who need additional support.

* Receive Alerts Without Installing the App – Recipients need not sub-scribe to the service to receive emergency alerts from users.

* Unobtrusive – LoneAlarm’s service runs in the background – or deliberately in the foreground, depending on users’ needs.

* False Alarm Cancellation – Before alarms are sent, users are warned so they can choose to cancel the alarms – and cancelation periods are configurable by the System Administrator.

* Low-Battery Warning – Emergency contacts can be alerted automatically when users’ smartphones need re-charging.
Organizational Control – System Administrators can centrally manage users’ emergency contact information and other ‘App’ settings.

* Alarm Notification Flexibility – System Administrators can preconfigure how user groups’ emergency contacts are notified – by SMS, email and/or telephone .

* Global Reach – Cloud-deployed for reliability, LoneAlarm offers global coverage for SMS and e-mail alerts .

* Use Cases – Organizations seeking to maximize the physical safety of per-sonnel working remotely, traveling for business, accessing dangerous environments (e.g., construction) or having direct contact with the public.

* Platform Support – Compatible with most Apple and Android devices.

* Registration at required for proper functionality”