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29/04/2015   NSW Australia   

As someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was pleasantly surprised to find a product that seemed tailored to my needs! Clever, innovative, cost-effective, simple. I’m often alone and, if I fall, I may not be able to manouver into position to pick up my phone. Gives me and my family real comfort!

10/05/2015   Victoria Australia   

I had the privilege of working with the LoneAlarm App team (Peter and Ned ) for a 6 month period to trial the suitability of the LoneAlarm application to increase ‘in field’ HSE controls across our business. During this period, I found the LoneAlarm application to be not only an effective and user friendly tool to mitigate risk but it also had the capacity and flexibly to be customised to suit the requirements of the business. It was a pleasure working with both Peter and Ned throughout the trial period. Their engagement was extremely professional and responsive underpinned by their technical expertise of the product and flexibility around client needs.

17/03/2015   NSW Australia   

Great app. Easy to use with great features. Gives you ease of mind in case there is an emergency and notifies your loved ones. Highly recommended. Everyone should have as a safety net.

23/06/2016   Sydney   

To Whom It May Concern,

We are a Special Education Support Unit in a Sydney high school. Our students have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities -- and one of them is a “Runner”.

We use LoneAlarm’s smartphone-based, personal safety solution, because it provides peace-of-mind and extra security for our staff, who can find themselves in duress situations. It reduces emergency response time on the 5-10 occasions per year when a teacher feels threatened and needs help from colleagues to get a classroom situation under control.

Staff members have LoneAlarm installed on classroom iPads and/or on their personal mobile phones. The iPad is considered a better device as it is a learning support tool, so is always on and ready to go. In a worst-case scenario, a student can be instructed to sound the Panic Alarm on the iPad.

Originally, when we set ourselves up with LoneAlarm, we had the principal, all the deputies, our head teacher, teaching staff and our student support learning officers (SSLO) as responders for each other. However, when an alert was triggered, we soon found that there were too many staff moving enmasse to assist the Support Unit.

Our fine tuning involved reducing the responder list to:-
• the head teacher
• the second in charge teacher
• a male teacher and
• the school receptionist (so she could notify the principal and/or deputies who are at school).

Thank you for introducing this tool to help improve safety in our challenging work environment.

Kind Regards
Margaret Formosa

04/11/2014   NSW Australia   

We have 5 properties spread across NSW.

I am often out horse riding by myself and LoneAlarm’s location accuracy give us some reassurance that, if anything were to happen, they would know where to start looking.

Dad will also use the app to know that Mum is OK while she is home alone, while he is on another of the properties. Last year, Dad was knocked unconscious while working alone – we do not know how long he was lying on the ground — and, with LoneAlarm, my husband, only 5kms away, could have attended immediately.

Parts of our properties do not have mobile coverage, but LoneAlarm is designed to deal with this scenario, too.

I would recommend LoneAlarm become a part of everyone’s daily lives and a safety habit – as simple as having your mobile phone with you.

17/03/2016   Sydney   
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I am delighted with the performance of LoneAlarm to help keep me safe and living independently, despite my auto-immune disease.

Last year I fell over my cat in my kitchen and my daughter knew straight away that I was in distress – she rang to find out if I needed her help. Thank heavens I use LoneAlarm!

It's currently installed on my iPhone and I'm looking forward to wearing it on a wrist band later this year. It is worth every cent and a lot less expensive than what my old mum used as an alternative.

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