What It Does


User location is only checked when an alert is generated. Messages are only sent to responders pre-nominated by  users if an alert is triggered automatically, or deliberately by the user.


LoneAlarm does not track users nor share their data with others.

LoneAlarm uses your smartphone to automatically call for help when you can’t!

LoneAlarm broadcasts an alert to your chosen list of emergency responders globally when triggered.  The alert tells them what has happened and where you are.  Your responders need not have LoneAlarm themselves in order to get your request for assistance.

Unlike a safety pendant, LoneAlarm runs in the background on your existing mobile device.

LoneAlarm Features to Accelerate Emergency Response

  • Unique, Real-Time Automatic Fall-Detection alert triggered without user intervention
  • Panic Button and “I’m OK” Timer for additional protection
  • Geo-located alert incorporating map links for quicker emergency discovery
  • Responder alerts helping to keep users protected include “Low Battery” and “Out of Network” alert
  • Flexible alert notification by SMS and email
  • User-selected peer responders
  • Works anywhere, on telecom networks, Wi-Fi and even satelite communications

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