What It Does

Privacy is Key

We only send messages to the responders you have nominated when things go wrong. We only receive your location when an alarm is generated. We do not track you or share your data with others.

LoneAlarm uses your smartphone to automatically call for help when you can’t!

When triggered LoneAlarm broadcasts an alarm to your list of emergency responders globally, via SMS and/or e-mail, telling them what has happened and where you are.

It runs in the background on your phone so you can do other things and still be protected.

LoneAlarm Features

  • Unique Real-Time Automatic Fall-Detection
  • Panic Button
  • I’m OK Timer
  • Geo-Located Alerts
  • Flexible Alarm Notification by SMS and/or email
  • Emergency responders do not need the App
  • Low Battery Warning Alert
  • In/Out of network coverage alert
  • Choose your own emergency responders
  • Works anywhere on the planet that your smartphone gets a data service

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